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Death of Wolverine - Logan Legacy #06
As a result of the death of Wolverine, Mystique must come to grips with all that she has done in his life of crime, and the destiny laid out in front of her.
Death of Wolverine - Logan Legacy #05
Daken Thanks! The man known as Wolverine is dead. But what about the amount of his remains? Relics? Trophies? Or is there something more left from Logan ... what brings? Something about his son, Daken? Daken hated his father, when he lived. But now, the responsibility he takes on Logan will surprise anyone who knows them both ...
Death of Wolverine - Logan Legacy #04
Thanks to Lady Death! Yuriko Oyama woman of honor, respect and valor. She is also a woman of her word ... so when it Adamantite super-soldier learns about the death of Wolverine, she starts on a mission to get something important out of it ... something deadly. And woe-befall those who stand in her way.
Death of Wolverine - Logan Legacy #03
Thanks Sablezubyy! Since Logan is now forever who stop by Sablezuba finally destroy everything and everyone in its path? Fighting Wolverine was his greatest thrill in the world ... the ultimate sports ... but now that Logan is dead, rage Sablezubyy takes on a completely new form, and mission - unencumbered and unbridled.
Death of Wolverine - Logan Legacy #02
Through X-23! When X-23 learns of the death of a man who meant so much to her, which is formed by its purpose, her motives, her life ... she will revel in the fact that its mission is over, or it will go Rogue? And what does this mean for its relations with the All-New X-Men?
Death of Wolverine - Logan Legacy #01
Wolverine-the greatest X-Men always dead! With this mutant power is now permanently out of the picture, and the various factions of good and evil are scrambling to fill the void left by the death of Logan! Wolverine Heritage will be formed heroes, who bravely fought with him ... or those insidious villains enough to challenge him for many years of
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