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Tech Jacket #02
33 pages | 55.9 мb.

Tags: Tech Jacket Joe Keatinge Dave McCaig
The New Adventures of Tech Jacket brings him into contact with the enormous ... but it's a massive ship the vanguard of an alien invasion, or something more sinister? Your mind and prepare to be blown away!
Tech Jacket #01
31 pages | 48.5 мb.

Tags: Tech Jacket Joe Keatinge Dave McCaig
The new ongoing series by the creative team that brought you success TECH JACKET digital mini! Zach Thompson: college drop out, lives with his parents ... It's who protects us from what lies beyond our world? But he also Tech Jacket, self-styled "Galactic Guardian of the Earth," and when the spaceship big ass enters Earth's orbit, Zach will face a
Fallen Son - The Death Of Captain America #01-05 Complete
Five issue mini-series study the reactions of different characters in the Marvel Universe over the death of Captain America.
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