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Fables - The Wolf Among Us #48
It's the end of the road as Bigby makes the hardest decision of his career thus far as sheriff of Fabletown.
Fables - The Wolf Among Us #35
Bigby's investigation brings him closer to the Crooked Man's lair...
Fables - The Wolf Among Us #20
Room 207 at the Open Arms Hotel sealed shut as well as in the mouths of those who can know what went down there. But when Fable high status appears that low class joint, well, people are going to say.
Fables - The Wolf Among Us #19
Bigby has the scent and his nose leads him to a suspiciously sealed door at the Open Arms Hotel.
Fables - The Wolf Among Us #18
Blackmail, black magic, black market glamorous and Little Black Book all take a turn on the main stage in the sleaziest, simple chapter yet!
Fables - The Wolf Among Us #17
He returned to the Trap Bar trip to Bigby, where the meeting with a troll leads him to the next clue. And remembrance of Salem continues Bigby stumbles black magic ...
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