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Daredevil Comics (001-134 series) Complete
134 issues pages | 3930 мb.

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Daredevil Comics, one of Lev Gleason Publication's longest-running comics was a Golden Age anthology comic that took its name from its main feature character Daredevil (named "The Death-Defying Devil" in Dynamite Entertainment comics and "Red Devil" at AC Comics as not to be confused with the Marvel character but called by his original name,
Daredevil - The Man Without Fear (1-5 series) Complete
Matt Murdock raised his father boxer known as "Fighter Murdoch." He grew up in Hell's Kitchen, one of the criminals of New York City. Matt began to study law, and one day he saved the blind man when he nearly fell under the wheels of the truck. But radioactive liquid, which drove the truck hit Matt in the eye. This incident forever blinded Matt
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