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The Amazing Spider-Man #13
SPIDER-VERSE PART 5 - the final battle begins here! EVERY Spider-Man must fight EVER spider and NO SAFE!
The Amazing Spider-Man #12
SPIDER-VERSE PART 4! FIRST huge battle! Wait, if the first battles were only skirmishes, it can not mean anything good for spiders. Miles Morales shows his stuff! Silk is something valuable in your account! Meet the most amazing Spider-character yet!
Spider-Man 2099 #07
SPIDER-VERSE TIE-IN! Spider-Man 2099 and Spider Lady should be reunited with the rest of the spiders in time for the final battle against inherit! Who will survive Spider-verse? Miguel will finally be able to return home? And "home" we mean 2099 or 2014?
Amazing Spider-Man #09
SPIDER-verse starts here! Superstar artist Olivier COIPEL (THOR, SIEGE, HOUSE M) joins Dan Slott, to bring you the biggest spider event ever! When the evil force threatens spider symbols throughout the multiverse, EVERY Spiderman no need to save the day!
Amazing Spider-Man #08
Step over the edge of the SPIDER-verse! MC2-Spider Girl finds himself and his family under attack by mysterious forces behind the Spider-Verse! Ms. Marvel Spider-Man gets out of a jam.
Amazing Spider-Man #07
Peer over the edge SPIDER verse! Spidey teams up with Miss Marvel in the high-flying (intervened when Kamal) adventure! Now Spider-UK and what it has to do with a spider poem?
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