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Cursed Pirate Girl Annual #1
What’s to Love: Jeremy Bastian’s intricate artwork is unlike anything in modern comics, and his first Cursed Pirate Girl graphic novel has garnered wide critical acclaim. Now he’s back to bring readers the next chapter of the Cursed Pirate Girl’s adventures in this oversized annual in the vein of Alice in Wonderland meets 19th-century
Cursed #1-4
4 issues pages | 64.9 мb.

Tags: Cursed Cleopatra Shan Beaumont
Journalist Shan Beaumont has always relied on her almost eerie sense of intuition. It's a power her father says comes from an Egyptian curse--the same curse that drove him insane. When a ritualistically mutilated body is found, he gives Shan a fragment of the Osiris Amulet and warns her of a coming darkness. With friend and photographer Winston
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