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Criminal #6
34 pages | 47.8 мb.

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Criminal #5
32 pages | 41,2 мb.

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Criminal #4
24 pages | 42.2 мb.

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Criminal #3
26 pages | 43.6 мb.

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Criminal #2
29 pages | 45.2 мb.

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Criminal #1
28 pages | 61.3 мb.

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Criminal Macabre - The Third Child #1 - TPB
Cal McDonald’s changed . . . and maybe not for the better. Locked away and numbing himself with booze and aspirin, the undead Cal feels the evil consuming him. Will he be able to withstand its pull or will he become the monster war’s greatest weapon of destruction? Collects Criminal Macabre: The Third Child #1–#4. * Written by Steve Niles
Criminal Vol.7 - Wrong Time Wrong Place
111 pages | 165.6 мb.

Tags: Criminal Other comics
BRUBAKER and PHILLIPS return to their multiple award-winning series for two interlinked tales of the Lawless family in the 1970s. Teeg Lawless is trapped behind bars with a price on his head, doing anything he can to survive, while Tracy Lawless celebrates his twelfth birthday riding shotgun on a mission of death. Collects CRIMINAL: SPECIAL
Criminal - The Sinners #01-05 Complete
Criminal: The Sinners is an all-new icon Comics limited series created by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips and placed in a series of "Criminal" concrete world. It carries on with the story Tracy Lawless, starting just after the events of the criminal (Volume 1) # 10.
Criminal - The Last of The Innocent #01-04 Complete
Popular crime comic finally returns, and with their most ambitious story yet. Obsession, sex, money, murder, and nostalgia for days long past all collide in the last innocent.
Criminal Vol.1 #01-10 Complete
10 issues pages | 174.5 мb.

Tags: Criminal Frank Kafka Gnarly Gretta Watson Leo Patterson
In our first issue , we meet Leo , who can plan the perfect robbery ... but only if he can be convinced that the work is safe enough . See , the Lion is not firing first think - later guy , Leo is a professional . But some criminals , even professionals , the right payments worth almost any risk. So when an old friend and a crooked cop approach in
Hit #02
Harvey Slater fifteen pounds Baja refrigerator hidden in the trunk of his car. He has sex with the daughter of his commanding officer. There's a dead cop lying in his living room. And his problems are just beginning ... Hit Squad comes under fire for their sloppy job on the hit Infantino, and the tragedy is the closest to Slater who took off, one

Hit #02 (2013)

Publisher: Boom
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