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Creepy Archives Vol.21
287 pages | 320 мb.

Tags: Creepy Archives Mark Lasky Nicola Cuti
Creepy Archives, the quintessential horror anthology, continues to deliver a lot of horrible fate and horrific twist endings! This luxurious hardcover collects issues # 99- # 103 influential series and includes all the original letters columns, color sections and pieces of text. Thanks to the talents of Bruce Jones, Len Wein, Alfredo Alcala, Russ
Creepy Archives Vol.18
287 pages | 283.9 мb.

Tags: Creepy Archives Wally Wood Steve Englehart
Fresh and fanciful fears abound Creepy Archives Volume 18, collecting issues # 84- # 88 flagship horror anthology Warren Publishing. Reprints questions themed around sports doomed scenarios, classic monsters, Christmas atrocities and unique planet Mars, a beautiful hardcover and has all the original fan pages and writing columns! It includes an
Creepy Archives Vol.20
285 pages | 318.3 мb.

Tags: Creepy Archives Bill Pearson Bob Toomey
Overwhelmed by the evil monsters, aliens, warriors chimpanzees and reality bending beings, a luxurious hardcover includes classic work by Frank Frazetty, Carmine Infantino, Bernie Raytson, John Severin and others! Collecting Creepy magazines # 94- # 98. The New York Times bestseller series! Includes harrowing "The Laughing Man" Bernie Raytson in!
Creepy Archives Vol.19
281 pages | 300.7 мb.

Tags: Creepy Archives Bernie Wrightson Bruce Jones
Death is watching after each page turn! Unbelievable lineup of creators fills this volume. Tremors in the Frazetty Frank, Russ Heath, Carmine Infantino, John Severin, Bernie Raytson, Bruce Jones, Richard Corbenay, and many others, and use all the original fan pages and new entry writer Jack Butterworth (scary, taboo)! Collects Creepy magazines #
Creepy Archives Vol.18
Fresh and whimsical horrors abound Creepy Archives Volume 18, collecting issues # 84 - 88 of flagship horror anthology Warren Publishing. Reprints issue themed around sports doomed scenarios classic monsters and unique Christmas atrocities planet Mars, this beautiful cover also has the original fan pages and letter column! Includes an illustrated
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