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Grimm Fairy Tales - Different Seasons Vol.2 (TPB)
Continuing the tradition of shocking twists on famous tales for the holidays. Different Seasons trade paperback collects some of the series most popular one shots that play on the famous tales of rest. Includes Grimm Fairy Tales Entertainment version # 3 (2011), Halloween Special # 3 (2011), and Grimm Fairy Tales Annual # 1 (2007) and Grimm Fairy
Jack of Fables Vol.1-5 (TPB)
The first five editions of the popular spin-off series of fables collected in this amazing new volume! Last seen hitchhiking from Hollywood, Jack's now a wayward Fable in the heartland of America. His extreme road stories and encounters with other known, renegade Fables are just some of the situations in store for this fan-favorite character.
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