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Ember #00
23 pages | 45.4 мb.

Tags: Ember Wreckage Christian Zanier
Ember flashes brightly as the modern femme fatale of Boundless Comics! All new sultry series written and drawn incomparable Christian Zanier (crossed out: Badlands), Amber is the story of a very privileged young woman, given the twin gifts of stunning natural beauty and fabulously wealthy father who receives her life is turned upside-down in a
Crossed - Badlands Patient Zero Ashcan
C- Day just around the corner and Garth Ennis little holiday gift for you! This is an exclusive sneak peek of the Ashcan for his new Crossed : Badlands # 50 arc "Patient Zero ." That's right, Garth finally visiting the first breakthrough of the virus, and this may mean that some of the biggest questions will finally get the answer! Also included
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