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Chew #51
30 pages | 46.4 мb.

Tags: Chew Chow Chu Toni Chu
Hey, remember when DC did “One Year Later” and it was the greatest, most creative, and most revolutionary thing in comics EVER? We thought long and hard about how we could do something that awesome, and we came up with something TWICE as amazing. That's right! “Two Years Later...” Presenting a bold new chapter in CHEW, which just so

Chew #51 (2015)

Publisher: Other
Chew #49
30 pages | 44.2 мb.

Tags: Chew Chow Chu John Colby Poyo
In the kitchen with Chow Chu.

Chew #49 (2015)

Publisher: Other
Chew Vol.7 - Bad Apples
Introducing a new storyline New York Times Best Selling, Harvey and multiple Eisner Award-winner series about cops, crooks, cooks, cannibals and clairvoyants. Tony Chu - cibopathic federal agent with the ability to receive psychic impressions from what he eats - back in action, just to face the cult worship eggs terrorists who have declared a holy
Chew #37
"Family Recipes", Part Two This is to take your daughter to dinner day!

Chew #37 (2013)

Publisher: Other
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