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Defenders Masterworks Vol.5
Steve Gerber's Defenders run comes to its revolutionary conclusion in the latest Marvel Masterworks extravaganza! Gerber consistently broke the boundaries of what a super-hero comic could be, and his Headmen saga stands as one of the high points in a celebrated career. From the Elf With a Gun to Bambi and the Bozos, Gerber wove together an
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #01
Spider-Verse is too heavy for you? Go back to 616 for two super special stories of Spider-Man! Rising Star Shawn Ryan (creepy X-MEN / IRON MAN / NOVA shares, Suicide Squad) and Brandon Peterson (creepy X-MEN, age Altron) bring you a story that will have everyone talking! Jai Nitz (Dream Thief) and Marvel newcomer Ron Salas bring you back story
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