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2000AD 1867
Fight the power! Johnny Alpha leads the charge as Strontium Dogs take the normal forces in the battle for the survival of mutants! Also in this issue: Judge Dredd, Grey Area, Ulysses Sweet, strontium dogs, and a new one-and-done Future Shock! Available worldwide day and date-DRM-free digital AD through the online store in 2000 or 2000 AD IPad app!
2000AD 1862
Dreeeed in spaaaaaace! Bailiff of future leaders in the ether as a new thriller begins - "Titan" Rob Williams (CLA $ $ war, Daken) and Henry Flint (Chaos Day) sees Dredd investigate what happened to the penal colony moon Titan. Also in this Prog: more ABC Warriors! More Ulysses Sweet! More Strontium Dog!
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