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Century - Distant Sons #1
He has traveled through space and time for untold ages, with a hundred different minds woven into his being. His long odyssey has eroded his memory, with no knowledge of his past or people. All he knows is that his name…is Century!
Marvel Action Hour Iron Man #2-8 Complete
7 issues pages | 93.8 мb.

Tags: Marvel Action Hour Iron Man Blizzard Dreadknight Century
In an attempt to heal his injured body and save himself from his kidnappers millionaire industrialist Tony Stark invented an invincible suit of amour. Giving him flight capability, repulsor rays and a newfound confidence, Tony Stark became The Invincible Iron Man.
Force Works #01-22 Complete
A new series that jumped from the pages of the series The Avengers West Coast. It offers the same team, but with some new additions to the teammembers and a new attitude.
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