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Evil Ernie Vol.2 (TPB)
Teen psychopath Evil Ernie is dead, resigned to Hell where he belongs. But when reality is threatened by a force that even the Devil can't handle, Lucifer calls on the only weapon that can prevent total megadeath: Evil Ernie himself! Will the antihero-to-end-all-antiheroes take his place as the world's most unlikely savior... and how will he
Evil Ernie Vol.2 #03
37 pages | 60.5 мb.

Tags: Evil Ernie Carrion Jane Mary Young Smiley
Ernie and Smiley made their way to the Convention ghost hunting, but they are not here to see the "celebrities". This superman slasher slasher against inhuman evil Ernie takes on death, worshiping psycho Carrion Jane! Meanwhile, it's up to Mary Young, to save the innocent bystanders because Ernie and Jane's eyes only for each other!
Evil Ernie Vol.2 #02
37 pages | 68.3 мb.

Tags: Evil Ernie Carrion Jane Evil Ernie Lady Hel Smiley
Evil Ernie took his new position Lucifur servant and savior of the world ...? Now it's undead teenage psychopath from hell to protect the innocent from, new lover Mrs. Hel, Carrion Jane! And, in the epic battle between two mountains secret super power slashers, Ernie will be a new "ally" Mary Price survive long enough to protect the world from the
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