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Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers
Captain Victory is the greatest space hero of all! When the fearsome warrior Mekkanos finally tracks down his ship, the valiant captain pays the ultimate price... but his death is only the beginning! Having the most strategic mind in the entire Ranger Corps, he's far too valuable to risk total annihilation, and his superiors long ago enacted a
Legenderry - A Steampunk Adventure Vol.1 (TPB)
Bill Willingham, author of the bestselling Fables DC / Vertigo, in reimagines the most iconic characters of dynamite stable in a magnificent and expansive steampunk universe! A mysterious woman named Magna Spada Rossa is looking for a lot of his kingdom over the world to find her missing sister, Sonia. From glamorous airships clockwork cities in
Kirby Genesis - Dragonsbane #01-04 Complete
Spinning out of the epochal events of KIRBY: GENESIS comes the saga of Sigurd Dragonsbane, the greatest champion in all Valhalla. Since time immemorial tales of his adventures have resounded throughout the halls of gods and men . But what happens when Sigurd and his colleagues -wise Balduur, dashing Honir, and caustic Heimdall - discover that
Kirby - Genesis - Captain Victory #01-06 Complete
Mysterious soldier known as Captain Victory leads an elite group of intergalactic rangers through the mysterious and deadly cosmos, fighting against the forces set on the destruction of life itself! But who is this man and what he wants? The deadliest battle Captain Victory and his men have ever fought begins!
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