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Batman Beyond #06
24 pages | 34.5 мb.

Tags: Batman Beyond Brother EYE Inque Tim Drake
His suit's torn to shreds, his city's dying, and he's been up to his neck in Inque and cyborgs since he got thrown into this hellish future! But he's done being told he's not Batman, and he's taking the fight to the moon for humanity's final showdown with Brother Eye! This is it-the conclusion to the struggle started way back in FUTURES END #0!
Nemesis - The Impostors #01-04
4 issues pages | 48.1 мb.

Tags: Nemesis - The Impostors Brother EYE Dick Grayson Nemesis
For Thomas Andrew Tresser, otherwise Nemesis, the world metahuman spying never what it seems. After the recent "re-education" in the hands of the Global Peace Agency, Nemesis is thrust back into the real world enemies, seemingly on every corner. Solving the task of uncovering the truth about his mission and true identities of those who hope to
Adventures of Superman #51
The final chapter of the series, legends Jerry Ordway and Steve Grube tell the story of Superman's first encounter with the hero from the future - OMAC: Man Army Corps.
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