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Superman - War of the Supermen
The final chapter in the critically acclaimed, best-selling New Krypton storyline that began in the SUPERMAN family of comic book titles in 2008, written by James Robinson (STARMAN) and Sterling Gates (SUPERGIRL). A war is coming, and all that stands between Earth and 100,000 vengeful supermen is one Superman! The storyline the SUPERMAN books have
Final Crisis - Requiem #01
A very special FINAL CRISIS one-shot honoring the passing of a great hero who's been a staple in the DC Universe for years. All that remains is one final memory that the League experiences together as they must fulfill his last wishes or die trying.
Tiny Titans - Adventures In Awesomeness Vol.2
Check in on the young, adorable characters Sidekick Elementary, they are sent into space to get their report cards, turn into monkeys, fall in love and so much more! Collecting issues # 7-12 monthly comic.
Justice League Vol.4 - The Grid
These amazing tales with Justice League # 18-20 and 22-23 lead into the "Trinity of War", and attention Cyborg, Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman! Plus: Learn the secret of Pandora's box!
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