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Bloodstrike #02
All guns and ammo are pointed at Brigade as Bloodstrike fights to destroy Battlestone's trans-dimensional network!
Bloodstrike #01
33 pages | 59.3 мb.

Tags: Bloodstrike Tragedy Ann Rob Liefeld
X-Force, Cable and Deadpool writer BOR Liefeld returned to comics with a new ongoing series, lively romp that shows a more mature side to Liefeld fans than previously ispytali.Novobranets program Bloodstrike (his identity as a mystery man from the historic Far Universe will soon be disclosed !) fights for the hidden missions and loses his life,
Bloodstrike Vol.1 - Reborn Under A Bad Sign
Back zombie black op superheroes Extreme ,! Cabbot Stone was the last inanimate Bloodstrike agent to stop the weapon in the war on terror America! But being dead fucking way to earn a living, and Cabbot lose their faith. With a new team could be just what Cabbot should give him something to believe. At least it will be nice to have a good backup
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