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Sixth Gun - Dust To Dust #03
If you try to steal the artifact power goes south, Billjohn O. Henry finds himself at the mercy of the Immortal Girl. But Billjohn will do everything possible to save the life of his little girl, and he will call down the thunder on those who stand in his way.
The Sixth Gun - Dust To Dust #02
Striving Bill John Henry O to save the life of his daughter continues. There are powerful forces in the world ... the forces that could avert the very hand of death. Billy John wants to save a man's life, he holds most dear, he'll need to capture these powers ... like the legendary fourth Gun ... for yourself.
The Sixth Gun - Dust To Dust #01
We all know that the bounty hunter Billjohn O. Henry died in the Battle of the Maw. But that death was not the end for him. Was not the beginning of its history. This yarn looks at the history of the past Billjohn as he embarks on a quest to save the life of his beloved Sally.
The Sixth Gun Vol.2
Collecting issues # 7 - # 11 hit new series by Cullen and Brian Banna Hertt! General Hume has been defeated and the six mystical guns now available to our heroes. But Hume is too evil to stay dead a long time, and the power of the guns come in a fearsome price. In the haunted bayous around New Orleans, Drake, Becky, and proud hunting on the way to
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