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Ozma of Oz #01-08 Complete
8 issues pages | 192.1 мb.

Tags: Ozma of Oz Aunt Em Billina Dorothy Gale Evanna Evardo Evedna
Dorothy Gale finds herself back in Oz after an accident at sea. With a menagerie of new friends and adventures, Dorothy searching to find a way home.
Dorothy & The Wizard In Oz #01-08 Complete
The Great 1906 San Francisco earthquake swallows Dorothy alive not - no kidding! It also swallows Dorothy's kitten Eureka, Dorothy's cousin Zeb, and his horse Jim. They're trapped underground in a strange land of glass where everyone can walk on air. Time for the Wizard of Oz to come to the rescue! Eisner award winners Eric Shanower and Skottie
The Emerald City of Oz #04
Rabbits! Many rabbits! Including Rabbit King, who wants to be king. Babies! Children in mortal danger! Including one child was almost crushed under the wheels of Red Wagon Ozmy another child and almost torn tigers and bears. Well, sort of. Then Ozma discovers Noma preparing an invasion army from Oz. Ozma is too late to save her from destroying the
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