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Beyond #01-04 (2014)
4 issues pages | 216.4 мb.

Tags: Beyond
Beyond Avalon #1-3 Complete
3 issues pages | 37.1 мb.

Tags: Beyond Avalon Beyond Avalon Image
Megan is the first of her kind, born upon the mythical island of Avalon. The daughter of a legendary king, she craves adventure, excitement and an escape from the "perfect" world in which she lives. When her father, also consumed by a quest for adventure, disappears, Megan decides to follow him. Her escape is presented to her in the form of the
Batman Beyond #2
24 pages | 35.1 мb.

Tags: Batman Beyond Batman Beyond DC
Beyond Doomsday #2
25 pages | 42.3 мb.

Tags: Beyond Doomsday Beyond Doomsday Other comics
Beyond Doomsday is the new Illustrated comic book of fantasy, horror ans Science Fiction. This issue features five twisted tales of post armageddon terror. "The Transaction" (by frank Forte and Silvester Song) takes us on a dirty deal gone bad in the darkest regions of space. "Battlefield X" (by Frank Forte) brings us on the front lines of a
Batman Beyond #1
23 pages | 34.1 мb.

Tags: Batman Beyond Batman Beyond DC
Grimm Fairy Tales - Beyond Wonderland (0-6 series) Complete
It had been months since, as Kaylie returned from a nightmare of Wonderland. This world took her too much. Now weary and bitter Kaylie went away from their hometown. She tries to lead a normal life in the city that never sleeps. Under a different name and new documents Kaylie only beginning to adapt. But not every story ends with a happy ending.
Justice League Beyond 2.0 #4
Oh, no! This attack is a 50-foot ancient Kryptonian robot! What will be re-Kal Kent powerless to do to protect your date (and yourself) from this mechanical monster? Plus: Do not miss the shocking return of a classic villain Superman!
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