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Deadpool - Flashbacks
All of Deadpool's fan-favorite flashback issues, collected in chronological order! (I mean, I think so...really, who can keep track?) First, Deadpool goes back to the 1950s to save Nick Fury from time-traveling Hitler! In the 1960s, Deadpool wreaks havoc on a cosmic level! In the 1970s, he hits the streets with Power Man and Iron Fist! In the
Scud The Disposable Assassin - The Whole Shebang
In the world of the Scud, bullets are cheaper than human life. Automatic Corner to provide any weapon you may need. The most popular gun Scud disposable killer: Robot Hitmen that self-destruct when they kill their target. This volume follows Scud 1373 women assigned to take out a hideous ogre named Jeff. While fighting unbreakable Jeff Scud
John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol.9 - Critical Mass
In these stories from Hellblazer # 84-96, collected here for the first time, Constantine is drawn into a web of time travel and terror when he meets the ghost of Sir Francis Deshvud, founder of the Club of hellfire. Then Constantine immersed in the mystery of the landscape, where the company is known as the Rainbow Snake intends to punish human
Deadpool #27
This is the right day you never dreamed would come has finally arrived ... Deadpool married! For the first time in this extremely TOO RELEASE our main feature, the largest wedding, as it is one of the young married that other guy like Deadpool and his mysterious bride tie the knot in a fairytale Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, and Mike Hawthorne!
Deadpool - The Gauntlet #12
Succubus Queen, Shiklah, assumes her husband to be, Count Vlad Tepes Dracula! I thought you had to marry before you start to struggle? However, this one is worthy Throwdown marriedest pairs! Plus: Deadpool!
Deadpool #25
DEADPOOL reaching record release number 25! First Marvel NOW! Title reach the milestone issue 25 -! The Avengers is out. So what. When Deadpool killed again reanimated dead U.S. presidents, Agent Gorman threw his shield deserved payment. Now his revenge will finally wrought! But now that consciousness former Shield Agent Preston stuck in his head,
Deadpool #24
"Deadpool vs S.H.I.E.L.D." part 4 One Helicarrier fully troops ... One deadly creature intent on killing them all ... Creature ... named Deadpool.
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