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Sonic the Hedgehog #270
"Champions", Part 3: The Battle of Chaos Emerald reaches a fevered pitch! Hero against hero! Against villain villain! Dr. Eggman will be content to play by the rules? Metal Sonic will come and shake? And what exactly between the Secret History of Metal Sonic and casino magnate Breezie? All answers are waiting for you in this exciting, penultimate
Sonic the Hedgehog #269
Contestants BRAWLIN "and the saga continues in the" champions "of the second part! Wrestling Tournament for the Chaos Emerald is in full swing! Tails against honey! Espio against Bin! Knuckles against the bark! But it's a sure bet that if competition is going down, something fixed bandits as Breezie and Nack participants. Sonic will need some
Sonic Universe #65
Bust your detective hat and hop on the event in the "Great Chaos Caper," Part 3. Knuckles Chaotix and located in the heart of the Aquatic Mines, where they were only two options to get crushed by a cave-in, or drown! How on earth (and below the ground) They can make it out alive? And once they do, they have to chase the thief is unlikely Chaos
Sonic the Hedgehog #256
This dramatic conclusion of the epic " Countdown to Chaos " saga , In the fourth part , it's a race against time as the countdown reaches its thrilling end ! Metal Sonic to kill Sally and the Death Egg II launched - things are not going well for our true blue hero ! Can he get to the tails Water ruins zone in time to save the day? and what
Sonic Universe #58
Fasten your seat belts SEA, pirates, the end to be around! Exciting high-stakes high sea adventure concludes with Egg o 'War is ready to launch, and all th' worlds in danger, this is Blaze against the cap. Metals. A'beckons Power Sol Emeralds, like converting to Burning Blaze-Wow!
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