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Batman - Superman Vol.6 - Universe's Finest
201 pages | 310.1 мb.

Tags: Batman - Superman Batman Superman DC
In a tale from the early days of their partnership, the murder of an alien explorer brings the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight Detective to investigate on the moon! But there’s more to this traveler than meets the eye. Meanwhile, someone’s been watching the investigation from the shadows-none other than Lobo, come to collect a bounty that’s
Batman - Superman Vol.5 - Truth Hurts
190 pages | 270.4 мb.

Tags: Batman - Superman Batman Superman DC
The truth is out, and the world knows that Superman is Clark Kent—and now, the mild-mannered reporter is a wanted man! From the thugs of Metropolis to the police, everybody wants a piece of Superman. And with threats to his freedom closing in on him, Superman must also face a new form of evil that appears to be coming from Gotham City! Instead
Batman - Superman Vol.4 - Siege
190 pages | 298.5 мb.

Tags: Batman - Superman Batman Superman DC
Who is Superman’s Joker? It seems it’s the unseen terror, who makes the battle personal for Superman by attacking all things related to the Man of Steel! Together, Batman and Superman start to track down suspects but the true identity of the villain will shock you! No one is safe when the one you’re hunting has no discernible motive or
Batman - Superman #32
The series is about two legendary heroes of DC Comics, in which different methods and outlook on life, but it nemenie have always been friends and allies. Superman and Batman, the heroes pridumanyh back in the 30s, have not lost their popularity in our time, stories which are always amazed and attracted more new readers ...
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