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Batman - Li'l Gotham Vol.2
All ages acclaimed series returns with this title collecting issues # 7-12! In the second half of our small events calendar, Bat-Family takes on new challenges such as sea monsters, holiday, comic conventions and pirates. But things get really interesting when they get together for a few family gatherings!
Batman - Li'l Gotham Vol.1
Do not miss these holiday-oriented, all ages tale starring Batman and all his crimefighting Compadres of Batman: LI'L GOTHAM # 1-6! This title includes performances from Penguin, Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn!
Batman - Li'l Gotham #24
As the year closes, Alfred looks small on the calendar of events.
Batman - Li'l Gotham #23
Fowlest friend Damian Jerry disappeared, but the people of Gotham are not cooperative in the search for the missing turkey. But there November holidays that are not Thanksgiving and Spice King makes sandwich day running!
Batman - Li'l Gotham #22
When Gotham "back" for daylight savings time, the clock of the King plots to control time ... and thereby control the world.
Batman - Li'l Gotham #21
While Bruce takes his son to mom's house for some controlled visits, explosion engine makes it crash! But this is hardly the worst fate is trying to throw at them on the Day of All Saints ...
Batman - Li'l Gotham #01-20 Complete
The first series of digital Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs, demonstrations Nguyen "Li'l Batman" style in special issues of themed celebration. After the success of the first release, the series was expanded to twice a month, including a variety of festivals and calendar dates.
Batman - Li'l Gotham #20
What mystery is hidden deep in the east wing of Wayne Manor? Only the butler knows for sure ... but if you're lucky, he will manifest the answers here!
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