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Clive Barker Presents Hellraiser III - Hell on Earth Movie Special (Epic)
Hailed as the Prince of Hell, Leviathan's favorite son has given the horror a new face; the last face you'll see before damnation's doors open wide. But no one is going to hell, this time. Now, the evil is coming to us, and what started in hell will end on Earth.
Barbie Fashion #01-53 Complete
53 issues pages | 1300 мb.

Tags: Barbie Fashion Barbie Marvel
Barbie Fashion comics aimed at young girls, and provide fashion tips and advice for their readers. It's set in San Francisco, home of Barbie, Ken and Skipper. It also contains a section for fashion designs reader.
Barbie #01-63 Complete
63 issues pages | 1500 мb.

Tags: Barbie Marvel
Barbie is a comic book for young girls. It follows Barbie, Ken and his friends as they adventure around the world, as a rule, learning important moral lessons along the way.
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