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Babylon #1
29 pages | 59.6 мb.

Tags: Babylon

Babylon #1 (2018)

Publisher: New / Other
The Sheriff of Babylon Vol.1 - Bang. Bang. Bang
128 pages | 172.8 мb.

Tags: The Sheriff of Babylon Sheriff Babylon Vertigo
Baghdad, 2003. In an effort to establish some semblance of order in the war-torn city, Florida cop-turned-military consultant Chris Henry has been assigned to train cadets in law enforcement. But good intentions are not immune to the chaos found in the post-9/11 Middle East. When one of Henry’s trainees is found dead, he’s forced to ally
East of West #19
"Deadwood" Son's death, Babylon, learns the true value of life, and decides the fate of the world in a mysterious place called "Dead Wood." Apocalypse: Year Two continues in East Western # 19.
Babylon 5 (1-11 series) Complete
11 issues pages | 148 мb.

Tags: Babylon 5 Babylon Babylon 5 comics
Babylon 5 - a story of a fifth station series "Babylon", the last hope of the galaxy without war. Comic talks about why Commander Sinclair withdrew from Babylon 5.
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