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Battle Hymn #01-05
5 issues pages | 175.8 мb.

Tags: Battle Hymn B. Clay Moore
1944. In the waning days of World War II, at the dawn of the nuclear age, super-powered beings are beginning to emerge from the shadows of conflict, beginning with the arrival of the Artificial Man. The United States government has a plan to turn these new arrivals into heroes. But someone forgot to tell the heroes the plan. After the appearance
Casey Blue - Beyond Tomorrow #1-6
6 issues pages | 201.1 мb.

Tags: Casey Blue - Beyond Tomorrow Casey Blue B. Clay Moore
From the creative genius of B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick, JSA) and Carlo Barberi (Gen13) comes a dangerous, thrilling action-packed adventure in which a young woman rapidly comes to terms with her strange, incredible new life!.
Bloodshot #24
29 pages | 41.5 мb.

Tags: Bloodshot B. Clay Moore
Russian super-spies do not die easily! Deep in the biting cold of the former Soviet state, the mysterious sleeping cell agents - their minds clouded, but their bodies are genetically enhanced - an adverse effect and jog region into war. Forced into a fantastic OTV he never wanted, Bloodshot is about to open a shocking secret of their agenda ...
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