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Robyn Hood Annual #01
HARD-HEARTED A Special Epilogue Issue After four years, long-time writer Pat Shand is finishing his run on Robyn Hood with a special issue celebrating Robyn Locksley, Marian Quin, and all of the friends and foes that have joined them on this journey. Larry Watts, original artist of the Robyn Hood trilogy, returns for this final tale that cuts to
Grimm Fairy Tales - Robyn Hood - Legend Vol.1 (TPB)
Everyone's favorite female archer is back in this brand new series! Robin thought she had lost everything, but when the villainous Guy Gisbourne makes its way to Earth, Robin faced with a choice. Back to Myst, to save the people of Nottingham once and for all, or live like a normal volume chelovek.Konechny fan favorite Robin Hood trilogy begins
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