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Eerie Archives Vol.13
Collection issues # 61- # 64 of midseventies, there is this terrible dark and gloomy tale of talent, as Wally Wood ("The Killer Hawk"), Alex Toth ("Daddy and cake"), Bernie Wrightson ("cold air"), and Richard Corben ("Butcher"). Revel in the vengeful exploits favorite recurring character Dr. Archaeus, Coffin, The Fighter One, scare, and more! This
Eerie Archives Vol.12
Last deluxe hardcover features the work of Bernie Wrightson, Richard Corben and Paul Neary, generous coating Ken Kelly and Sanjulian and interplanetary romance none other than Wally Wood! We met a ghost voodoo-inspired zombie hero antebellum south. We continue post-apocalyptic adventure hunters and follow the doctor Archaeus, as he hunts down each
Eerie Archives Vol.11
Collection issues # 52- # 55 Eerie legendary horror anthology Warren Publishing, this deluxe hardcover has symbols Hunter-deadly demon slayer future decisions explosive debut. Esteban Maroto continues its charming tale Dax Warrior, and Shreck struggling dangerously irradiated alternative world! Run exciting covers from Sanjulian and Ken Kelly and
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