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X-O Manowar Vol.8 - Enter Armorines
ARMORINES…ATTACK! Since Aric of Dacia returned from the stars, terror and destruction have followed in his wake – and the nations of Earth have had enough. As the world rushes into a new arms race, X-O Manowar will find himself confronted by a calculating paramilitary force designed to duplicate – and outmatch – the destructive potential
X-O Manowar #32
32 pages | 55.6 мb.

Tags: X-O Manowar Rosemary Armorines
Small package ... powerhouses! ENTER: ARMORINES crashes into a giant confrontation that will awaken XO Manowar in its very core! Commando unit front edge codenamed: ARMORINES finally blew XO Manowar armor and man inside it - Arik Dacia, one of the worst people alive. But who are these hardened men and women, who organized their deadly combination
X-O Manowar #30
36 pages | 68.1 мb.

Tags: X-O Manowar Armor Hunters Armorines
ALL-NEW ARC! Enter: ARMORINES! Armor Hunters only the beginning! Now, still recovering from his painful encounter with armor, hunters, Aric Dacia could face a new threat - the estimated militias known as ARMORINES! Armed with a number of brilliant abilities far beyond the capabilities of armor XO Manowar, is already bleeding edge commando unit
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