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Archie Double Digest #237
173 pages | 119.8 мb.

Tags: Archie Double Digest Double Digest Archie
It's V-Day in Riverdale and Archie is determined to make Betty his Valentine! In order to do so he's got to out-charm Adam who's also vying for Betty's affections. In a bid to top Adam, Archie goes all out in a gift giving frenzy - but is bigger really better? Find out in "Small is Big," the lead story in this jam-packed digest
Archie Double Digest #244
173 pages | 234.1 мb.

Tags: Archie Double Digest Archie Double Digest
Meet Archie's new dog Vegas! Vegas is full of personality, but how will he get along with the other pals 'n' gals' pets of Riverdale? When Veronica hosts a pet soiree with all the most popular pets (including her many poodles!), he'll make some new friends - and learn some helpful hints along the way! Get ready for some tail-wagging fun in 'Don't
Archie Double Digest #240
154 pages | 146.3 мb.

Tags: Archie Double Digest Archie
Archie and Chuck prepare to enjoy a day at the beach, but what to do first? Surf, jet ski, parasail? The possibilities are limitless. However there's only one activity they both can agree on and you'll never guess what it is! Discover for yourself by the conclusion of 'Shore Thing' in this laugh out loud digest!
Archie Double Digest  #242
When Archie has to make some quick cash to compensate for an accident he caused (thanks to a prank of Reggie's), he gets busy working his free time away at a glue factory. Betty and Veronica are none too pleased that they don't get to see their red-headed Romeo on the weekends anymore! Can Reggie do a good deed to make up for his wrongdoing, or
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