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Savage Dragon Archives Vol.5
SAVAGE DRAGON #101-125 collected for the very first time! Savage Dragon has been reunited with Jennifer Murphy but there's no happily ever after to this tal as their lives get turned completely upsidedown. Collects SAVAGE DRAGON #101-125.
Savage Dragon #208
32 pages | 60.1 мb.

Tags: Savage Dragon Angel Murphy Malcolm Dragon
In Final Battle.
Savage Dragon #207
NEW STORY ARC. Malcolm Dragon, Battle Girl, and Rex Dexter go into Dimension-X to rescue Angel Dragon and bring Mr. Glum to justice.
Savage Dragon #204
Malcolm Dragon vs. Angel Dragon? It comes to this—as Malcolm and Angel have it out in what may be our strangest issue yet.
Savage Dragon #203
Malcolm Dragon is the explosive power of a neutron Bob! And Deadly Duo sure to make matters worse! This total action and hilarious jokes, Malcolm faced one of the worst enemies of the father!
Savage Dragon  #200
98 pages | 207.8 мb.

Tags: Savage Dragon Angel Murphy Malcolm Mr. Glum
Savage Dragon out of prison and Vicious Circle hunting him. Malcolm Dragon and his half-sister Angel together to keep their father alive against all-out assault in the film length epic. Backup history include the history of Angel and Mr. gloomy drawn Batman alum Chris Burnham, and Malcolm Savage Dragon in the Great Patriotic War, the legendary
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