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Androids Vol.4 - Kielkos Tears
"My name is Kielko, I am the domestic android of the Morgan Family. I have been at their service for more than a year..." "The words 'emotion' and 'feeling' have value only for you, human beings. For me, they are only words and algorithms that determine my actions and reactions. For some time, I have been feeling some nano-technological
Androids Vol.3 - Invasion
47 pages | 84.7 мb.

Tags: Androids Soleil
Coming out of a long, artificial sleep, Jerrod is totally lost. He does not know why he was put to sleep. He does not know the people who woke him, who all wear the same strange suit as him. Neither does understand from where their surprising powers come from, nor why the city where he grew up is almost deserted, or what the visions that assail
Androids Vol.2 - Happy He Who Like Ulysses
63 pages | 92.3 мb.

Tags: Androids Other comics
In the 25th Century, the ISS Oxygen is the first deep space exploration ship to leave Earth with children aboard. Embarking on a 600 year mission, the crew and families alternate between phases of hibernation and running the ship. To take care of the young, the crew count on AC7+, a companion android renowned for the quality of its service and its
Androids Vol.1 - Resurrection
85 pages | 102.2 мb.

Tags: Androids Other comics
In 2545, humanity has become infertile. No one on earth has conceived children for the last 500 years. If the Microcorp company had not invented the Blue Pill, the Earth would be today uninhabited. Thanks to their formula, eternal life and youth is guaranteed. There are no diseases, there is no old age, nothing but eternity for humanity....
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