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ApocalyptiGirl - An Aria for the End Times
Alone at the end of the world, Aria is a woman with a mission! As she traipses through an overgrown city with a cat named Jelly Beans, Aria is on a fruitless search for an ancient relic with immeasurable power. But when a creepy savage sets her on a path to complete her quest, she’ll face death in the hopes of claiming her prize. The premiere
Head Lopper #01
94 pages | 114 мb.

Tags: Head Lopper Andrew MacLean
Action. Adventure. Fantasy. Decapitation! ApocalyptiGirl author Andrew McLean brings the critically acclaimed indie hit comic image! Dark humor quarterly adventure begins with a double-sized first issue, eighty pages of history and premium pin-up gallery for the regular price of only $ 5.99!
Head Lopper #01
37 pages | 29.5 мb.

Tags: Head Lopper Andrew MacLean Brian Churilla
Nomadic warrior, Norgal and his unlikely companion, severed heads Agate Blue Witch, came to the rocky shores of the Scottish island of Barra. They come ready to kill the sea serpent, but can they survive the deadly trials are islands? And can they survive each other?
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