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Amy Devlin Mystery - Lost and Found Vol.3
164 pages | 129.7 мb.

Tags: Amy Devlin Mystery - Lost and Found Amy Devlin
Times are tough for Amy Devlin, and around its financial situation is dire. Busting the cold case of kidnapping and murder of a year ago, could be the answer to her problems. Amy is confident that it can solve the case, but when powerful and untouchable, Life Science Institute Hollywood gets involved, it can end up with much more than just its
Amy Devlin Mystery - All Saints Day Vol.2
170 pages | 204.6 мb.

Tags: Amy Devlin Mystery - All Saints Day Amy Devlin
Three years after the events of the past lies, Amy Devlin, in her last days in the Cold Case division of Beverly Hill, reveals a series of murders that seem connected through time. Every 10 years, the name of the saint sinner was brutally murdered on All Saints Day. On line cases spanning 30 years, and another killing likely to occur during the
Amy Devlin Mystery - Past Lies Vol.1
Co-author of Avalon Chronicle and play ball and artist wasteland! Amy Devlin might not be licensed private investigator, but it did not stop her from playing one on the internet! But the thing she is going to find itself on no games. Trevor shock was eccentric millionaire obsessed with reincarnation until his assassination in 1980. Now Tim
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