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Haunt Vol.3
The top selling monthly title brings its third knockout storyline trade paperback format. Take Kylhor settle in their new-found power, but nothing ever easy in the world of suffering. Mysterious phenomenon being relentlessly pursues down duo. However, a new ally may have answers to defeat the ghost in. Through art from master storyteller Greg
Haunt Vol.2
The top selling monthly title brings its second knockout storyline trade paperback format. Because of its unique ability to bond with his brother Kurt's ghost, priest Daniel Kylhor joins forces with a secret agency and tries to adjust to his new life of murder and espionage. Features original design pursue a master artist and storyteller Greg
Haunt Vol.1
Robert Todd McFarlane Kyrkman and now haunt! Based around two brothers, one less than perfect priest, the other a government agent, the men struggle to get along, rarely agreeing on anything. The unexpected event forces them to work together in a way they never thought possible. Struggling with his own personal demons, the priest reluctantly
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