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Apocalypse Al #02
39 pages | 100.3 мb.

Tags: Apocalypse Al Alison Carter Ultimate Darkness
You know your day is off to a crummy start when Ultimate Darkness gives up-close- and - personal tour of their scheduled Apocalypse. Then, when the cry stops , you still have the techno - wizard who has his eyes on your bra and keys to Cybervoid, not to mention the killer virus , guilt-inducing vision of the afterlife, and a dozen three inches
Apocalypse Al #01
Alison Carter, a private detective . Her beat: end of the world , or, more precisely , preventing same . With an attitude " shoot first and the hell with the issues , " she leads a life that would control other investigators mind filled with monsters, demons , trolls , mad prophets , zombie detectives technomages , machine-gun toting devils and
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