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Aliens: Pig
24 pages | 19.5 мb.

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Aliens - Xenogenesis (1-4 series) Complete
4 issues pages | 35.1 мb.

Tags: Aliens - Xenogenesis Aliens Xenogenesis Aliens comics
This is it: the future of Aliens starts now with Xenogenesis! In the distant future, the existence of the horrific Aliens is no longer a secret. Now, with space colonies scattered throughout the galaxy, a mega-corporation has formed a strike force to take the offensive against the monsters. For the first time, humanity has a fighting chance!
Aliens - Fire and Stone #1
Company Dark Horse Comics has announced the premiere of the first of a series called "Prometheus: Fire and Stone", which goes on sale September 10, 2014. The next three series - "Aliens: Fire and Stone", "AVP: Fire and Stone" and "Predator: Fire and Stone" will come out with an interval of two weeks. They will be joined not only among the
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