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The Chronicles of King Conan Vol.6 - A Death In Stygia
"Queen worried." After the loss of his son Barbarian King, gloomy mood Conan pulls it further every day from his kingdom and his beloved queen. Maybe twenty years of royal life to suppress the savage nature of Conan, or will he give up hearth and home for the Call of the Wild? King Conan collects issues # 26- # 30. Due to the early work of
The Chronicles of King Conan Vol.5 - The Black Dragons And Other Stories
Blinded with grief and rage Conan the King allowed the State issues fall by the wayside as he mourns the clinical death of his son and heir, Conn. Unpredictable behavior of the barbarian king and void management is a concern, but where some see the kingdom on the brink of chaos, others see an opportunity to take a moment to pull the reins of power
The Chronicles of King Conan Vol.4 - The Prince Is Dead And Other Stories
When reports of the ambush at a diplomatic party headed by his son achieve barbaric king, the news of the death of his son Conan cuts deeper than any blade. Conan melancholy threatens to tear his kingdom from each other at a time when it is most needed a strong hand. Collects King Conan # 16- # 20.
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