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Judge Dredd The Megazine #347
It's another action-packed issue of "Judge Dredd MegazineВ» from "Judge Dredd", "Mark P." "Tales of Mega-City One" and "Judge Anderson" alongside fantastic interview with creator you will not find anywhere else! Plus complete "Judge Janus" Collection Grant Morrison and Mark Millar!
Lobo's Big Babe Spring Break Special
Main man hired to protect anatomically improbable contestants Miss Voluptua competition. Between participants and magnificent protesters trying to kill them, or Lobo joined the battle of their lives or died and gone to heaven.
Lobo - Fragtastic Voyage
52 pages | 18 мb.

Tags: Lobo - Fragtastic Voyage Lobo Alan Grant
To save the life of a comatose alien world ruler , and to prevent an intergalactic war , peace-loving scientists miniaturization submarine carrying handsome surgeon experts and her bodyguard , and insert them in the ass alien leader. Unfortunately, two other groups of miniature aliens have also invaded the body of the leader , plans to ensure that
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