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Adventures Into Terror #43-44 Complete
2 issues pages | 64.7 мb.

Tags: Adventures Into Terror Ed Winiarski Russ Heath
This series of odd numbered issue 43 and 44 while in fact they are the number 1 and 2 series. Series was continued as Adventures in horror (1951) with the new numbering, Issue 3, as it should be.
Adventures Into Terror #01-31
29 issues pages | 650.9 мb.

Tags: Adventures Into Terror Paul S. Newman Stan Lee
Missing #18,26 issues. Classic horror comics published by Marvel predecessor Atlas Comics. He ran form 1951 to 154 for 31 issues. This series continues with Adventures in Terror (1950), which had problems 1 and 2 in it (oddly numbered as question 43 and 44).
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