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Star Wars Omnibus - Clone Wars Vol.1 - The Republic Goes To War
The Clone Wars explode all over the galaxy! By stormy seas Camino to rocky hills Devaron, battle lines were drawn, and the Jedi Knights, who once were the protectors of the world should become generals leading the clone army of the Republic of the war! These are stories that have been published immediately after the Attack of the Clones, featuring
Star Wars Omnibus - Quinlan Vos - Jedi in Darkness
From his first appearance as a mind-wiped amnesia on his triumphant passage to the rank of Jedi Master, little Jedi had more brushes with the forces of the dark side and evil underworld than Quinlan Vos. This volume includes more than 120 pages of stories that have never been collected, as well as the introduction of the Jedi Aayla Secura, who
Star Wars Omnibus - Menace Revealed
Aware of the Sith emerging threats in connection with the events in The Phantom Menace, Jedi perceive shadow falls across the galaxy, accompanied by an increase in criminal activity among the mercenaries, pirates, slavers, assassins and bounty hunters. Now the Jedi fight injustice seems to portend a dangerous future - especially when some villains
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