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ABC Warriors - The Third Element
Mars itself has risen up against the human colonists, earthquakes and storms attempting to rid the surface of the pestilence that has ravaged it. The Martians struggle against their human oppressors and, on their side, an unstoppable ally - the ABC Warriors! Collects the ABC Warriors stories originally printed in 2000AD progs 1234-1248.
ABC Warriors - The Mek Files Vol.1-3 Complete
WHETHER THEY ARE POLICING THE LAWLESS FRONTIER ON MARS OR SAVING THE GALAXY FROM ARTIFICIAL BLACK HOLES, THE A.B.C. WARRIORS ALWAYS SUCCEED! Featuring a roster of the deadliest robots ever assembled, including war-weary leader Hammerstein, super-cool assassin Joe Pineapples, master manipulator Blackblood, the hulking Mongrol and his goo-tastic
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