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The Walking Dead #116
Total war is on! The biggest storyline in the history of the walking dead - just in time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series! This is Rick Negan compared with a little help from the rest!
The Manhattan Projects #16
"FINITE OPPENHEIMERS, 'Part Two in-depth look at the second decade of the ongoing war in the brain Oppenheimer. It's an endless brothers against brothers: It's Civil War Oppenheimer!
Avengers Arena #17
"BOSS LEVEL" PART 3: The final battle begins! Up in the murder of World Island, it is the surviving participants in an all-out battle royale! Down in the lair of Arcade, it's the other two contestants against the Arcade!
All New X-Men #18
X-Men: Battle of the atom, Part 6! Magik and young animals have a special mission! X-Men and the future of the X-Men Jean Grey and Cyclops are going to send them back in time with the rest of the X-Men. But who is against them and why?
Federal Bureau of Physics #5
Science, betrayal and intrigue! With BubbleVerse crumbling around them who will live and live to tell about it? The opening story arc of the strange new Vertigo series comes to a conclusion, and things will only get stranger from here ...
2000AD 1858
New comics titled "2000AD 1858". Download the first all-new comics from popular publishers such as: Marvel, DC, Image, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse, Valiant Universe, Vertigo, Boom, Oni press, Archaia, Kaboom, DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT and others. 2000AD and other comics you'll find only at our site
Legends of the Dark Knight #76
Knowing who the killer is and why he is attacking some of the most prominent citizens of Gotham, Bruce Wayne must put aside their understanding of the man who found the strength to win his darkest fears, but let revenge consume his soul. "Ashes to Ashes" Part 3.
Batman - Li'l Gotham #22
When Gotham "back" for daylight savings time, the clock of the King plots to control time ... and thereby control the world.
Adventures of Superman #29
25 pages | 14.3 мb.

Tags: Adventures of Superman Metallo Superman 2013
"In Care" Part 1 of 2. Superman responds to a letter from a little boy, asking him to fight the monster in his hometown ... but what he finds is not what he expected!
Spawn #237
24 pages | 47.1 мb.

Tags: Spawn Cogliostro Spawn (Downing) 2013
COGLIOSTRO BACK! But it was too late to save Jim Downing from his fate? Old coach Al Simmons returns to lead Jim on his journey to control a broad mandate to pursue it. But Cog already betrayed one spawning. Is it sinister enough to do it again, or is there more to his motivation than simple greed? Lessons that will shape the future of Jim start
Thor - Crown of Fools #01
Join Thor, Seth, three soldiers - and even sneaky deceiver that Loki - the all-new, all-Asgard adventure. Deeply buried secrets will reveal about Crown Fools allies and Thor the god of thunder could not resist his own temptation to free his friends? Plus: Also reprinting the first appearance Malek Cursed!
The Lone Ranger #19
36 pages | 37.4 мb.

Tags: The Lone Ranger Lone Ranger Scout Tonto 2013
From a series of autonomous Tales of the Old West, this issue revisits an unknown part of Tonto in the past. Tonto finally meet face to face with rogue Indian Maintains that indirectly led to the deaths of his wife and son. In this life-changing meeting Tonto forever. This issue also shows how Tonto bought a horse, Scout. Revenge of the blood and
The Last West #01
Last West imagines a world in which all cultural and technological innovation stalled ... and only one person knows why.
Smallville - Titans #03
The tower is under siege - an enemy determined to demolish the team, and any other silly enough to believe the training of a new generation of heroes was a good idea!
Simmons Comics Anthology Vol.3
Arcana Comics and Simmons Comics Group are proud to present this special anthology, featuring the third chapter of lightning, Q, and the home of Gene Simmons' Horror and the third and final chapter of the first ever crossover between lightning and Mistress Slave!
Shahrazad #01
New heroine rises from the legends of the ancient world. Shahrazad was known for its amazing stories of 1001 nights, but now it's time to tell her story! She lives a life unlike anything you could imagine. Existence that spans generations and genres. In this new ongoing series, Scheherazade watching the storm on the horizon with the definition,
Penny For Your Soul - Death #03
The Third Horseman Apocalypse awakens, but he can control Horseman known as Death?
Mega Man #30
This is the ultimate buzz-in-the-jungle for the fate of the planet 'Blackout: The Curse of Ra Moon, "the second part! Mega Man leads executioner, arrogance guy and the bomb man through Amazon in a desperate attempt to save the world, but the way the two sets of masters Dr. Wily Robot! Things escalate even more when people break there, but he was
Maximum Minimum Wage
During its initial launch, the minimum wage tormented critics and devotees. Why? Because each page saga of Rob and Sylvia everyday boasted inconvenient truth soaked grim humor , foreshadowing empty shows like Louie and girls. Located in New York, so real you can smell it, it's the final version also includes a bonus section featuring color picture
Justice League Beyond 2.0 #07
Superman with robots is about to explode inside the fortress alone, like a flash to act quickly to save the Justice League!
Ghosted #05
Winters escaped one prison only to find themselves trapped in the Trask house from the last of his team ghost thieves. Will their first assessment could also be their last? The first arc ends here!
Trish Out of Water #2
10 of the most unique Aspen for 10 series makes its debut! What would you do if your life was turned upside down - before they really started ? Trish Powell is going to figure out how she discovers that everything she thought she knew about the teenager - friends, parents , and most importantly - her own body , it's all a lie. When her physical
Screwed #6
22 pages | 46.8 мb.

Tags: Screwed Screwed comics Zenescope 2013
Screwed #6 and Marvel comics, DC comics, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse comics, Valiant Universe comics, Vertigo, Boom comics, Oni press, Archaia, Kaboom, DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT, D
John Carpenter's Asylum #2
There's a war coming to the city of Angels. In the tunnels under the city, in the dark alleys of the homeless , demons lurk and Lucifer waits his time. One person knows . One person sees . A man walks those dark streets. Father Daniel Beckett saw the demons, and he spoke with the devil , but he had never seen an angel , and he never spoke with
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