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Captain America - Reborn #00-06 Complete
Within two years after Steve Rogers was killed, he came back ... or is he? What really was the plan of the Red Skull? Is there any hope that Steve Rogers return?
War Machine Vol.2 #01-12 Complete
One of the new titles to debut at Dark Reign banner in 2008, Marvel's Secret Invasion event, War Machine was launched by Greg Pak and Leonardo Manco as gritty and violent series starring James Rhodes as War Machine taking global justice into their own hands. Although the series ended after twelve issues due to sales not being strong enough, he
Vigilante Vol.3 #01-12 Complete
In New York City , crime is on the rise , and terror fills the streets . Gang warfare is escalating, and metahumans are being prepared to fight. Through the corruption and lawlessness , one man leaves to correct errors as soon as he can. Therefore, when a super hero story plot comes to light , Vigilante returns to find the traitor and administer
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