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'Mazing Man #01-12 + Specials Complete
15 issues pages | 238.8 мb.

Tags: 'Mazing Man Batman Carrie Kelley 1986-1990
The book opens with Denton and his friend ' Mazing Man walking through their neighborhood in New York City. Denton strange little man is that he looks like a dog. It 's not a dog . He is a writer , and his friend is a self- appointed defender of rayone.tri feet harmless man with a helmet and a cape . While patrolling the streets we meet some of
Secret Origins Vol.3 #01-50 + Annuals Complete
Secret Origins ran a total of four years and is most notable for explaining the origin of many post-crisis DC Comics characters. While the series included many mainstream sources of nature , he also succeeded in getting back to reveal the history of more obscure characters such as DC Creeper, Rocket Red, and Plastic Man. Secret Origins villains
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