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Psi-Force #01-32 + Annual Complete
Neither KGB nor CIA was a match for the power of PSI in the new universe! Gathered mysterious Emmett Proudhawk, five paranormal teenagers struggled against government operatives, Renegade supermen and most importantly, each other! Telepathy, astral projection, telekinesis, psychic empathy and psyonicheskoy detonation merge into something even
Star Brand #01-19 + Annual Complete
After a fateful meeting with supposedly dying alien, shiftless mechanic Ken Connell left the most powerful weapon in the universe - but it would be a decision to enjoy its great new features properly, or the safety of his death, his whole world? "There is not a weapon in the universe more powerful than any other, more desirable, fear, love or hate
Justice #01-32 Complete
Mysterious human bodies emerging from the shadows to act as judge, jury and executioner for those who would like to visit harm innocent. His name is Justice!
D.P.7 #01-32 + Annual Complete
DP7 takes place in New Marvel Universe and the next experience with a group of previously healthy persons who acquire powers after the White sobytie.Pervonachalno group consists of seven of the paranormal group therapy in the clinic paranormal research , but members come and go throughout the series . The series largely avoids most superhero
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