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Blade Vol.1 #01-03 Complete

Blade Vol.1 #01-03 Complete

This is the second blade solo series from Marvel, the first under their banner strange stories . Other names included strange stories Man-Thing, Werewolf night and announced SaTaNa solo title penned by Warren Ellis , which ultimately never produced . Name coincided with the release of the movie Cinema New Line featuring Wesley Snipes .

The name was originally meant as an ongoing series , but the question number 2, it was changed to six mini-series release.

Unfortunately, like all the other names under the banner of a strange tale , Blade was canceled in early after only three issues. History remained unresolved at the spectacular. Cancellation was likely due to poor sales , and it was released in bankruptcy period Marvel. Marvel was forced to cancel all and every title during this period that does not make a profit. Many accidents cancellation were made , as well as those justified .

The story was a follow up to a title shot Blade: Crescent City Blues and the story from Strange Tales: Dark Corners showing Morbius. Morbius was to become one of the main roles of this new book Blade . Both stories Morbius' history and Blade neglected continuity of their previous solo titles Blade : Vampire Hunter and Morbius: The Living Vampire during the midnight Sons. Coincidentally both these titles were canceled before their various solutions story arc and plot threads . Blade and Morbius can not catch a break.

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